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    Sign up with your neighbors to save WASTED coins for a compost-bin in your neighborhood!

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  • How it works

    Being a WASTED neighbour is easy and also beneficial for both you and your neighbourhood

    To get started, first you need to SUBSCRIBE to the WASTED website by creating an account for you or your household. It only takes a moment. Just fill out the form and soon after subscribing you will receive a Start-up Kit equipped with 12 WASTED trash bags, a beautiful poster about how the process works and all the information needed for separating your plastic, paper and textile. Don't forget to download a QR code scanning application for iPhone or Android

    Did you receive your Start-up Kit already? Congratulations, you are now an official WASTED neighbor and can start collecting WASTED coins.

    Once you’ve collected a full bag of either plastic, paper or textile, you can bring it to the nearest standard recycling container. Before throwing your bag, REMEMBER to scan the QR code on the container by using the QR scanning application on your smartphone. After scanning it you will be asked to upload the picture of your full WASTED bag. Take a picture, press upload and throw the bag into the container. Soon your coins will be added to your account. This is the backbone of our system. If you don’t scan the code and send us a picture, we cannot provide you with a coin. To check where the container closest to you is, refer to our map here.

    Would you like to know more about which waste belongs to which waste stream? Download here the poster with instructions on waste separation.

    In case you still have some questions about the WASTED system, have a look at F.A.Q. or sent a mail to info@wastedlab.nl.


    Fill in this very simple subscription form. Your data will never be used for commercial purposes.

    Receive your startup kit

    12 WASTED bags, a beautiful poster and information on how to get WASTED.


    Use the WASTED bags to collect paper, plastic, textile and glass

    Take the harvest to the bin

    Once you have a full bag of either plastic, paper or textile, bring it to the nearest traditional recycling containers.

    Scan the QR code on the container

    Look for the WASTED logo and scan the QR code to gather your coin.

    Take a picture of the harvest

    Take a picture to show us that you are an amazing recycler.

    Upload the picture

    Take a picture of your full waste bag and upload it to the WASTED website.

    Receive the digital coin

    Shortly after you have uploaded the picture the WASTED team will add a digital coin to your WASTED account.

    Redeem your coin at the store

    Check the list of rewards available.

    Get WASTED

    When you are about to pay, scan the QR code at the cashier and show that your discount has been redeemed.