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  • F.A.Q.

    Answers to some common questions


    How can I join WASTED?
    You should subscribe here - it takes just a few moments. Then you will receive a startup-kit the way you requested it (either picking it up at the WASTED studio (Gedempt Hamerkanaal 139, inside Chateau Amsterdam building); getting it delivered to your address; or picking it up at Huis van de Wijk ‘De Meeuw’ in Motorwal, 300. The startup-kit will contain all the required information, with WASTED bags. If you have it, you can start separating.

    Can I be a WASTED neighbor if I don’t have a smartphone?
    Everyone is encouraged to take part in WASTED reward system. That means if you don’t have a smartphone, find people that do and create a group account. Invite your neighbors, your friends, relatives to become the main protagonists in transformative recycling culture.

    What do I do if I run out of WASTED bags?

    For every 10 coins received on your account you will get new bags delivered to your address. If we are late or something went wrong, you can pick up your bags at our headquarter at Gedempt Hamerkanaal 139, Amsterdam Noord or on Wednesday at Huis van de Wijk ‘De Meeuw’ in Motorwal 300. Just send an email to info@wastedlab.nl first, so we make sure we are ready to welcome you with a cup of good coffee or tea. If you are not able to come by, we can send them to your house address.

    Why should I scan the QR code and upload the picture of my bag every time I throw away the waste bag?
    This might seem an additional effort, but only by having the picture of your bag, the WASTED team can keep a track of how many bags you have submitted. As every bag equals 1 coin, when you login to the website you can see how many coins you have earned and what rewards you can redeem.

    What do I do if I forget my password / username?
    Just send an email to info@wastedlab.nl we will get back to you immediately.

    Where should I through away the WASTED bag full of separated plastic/paper/glass/textiles?
    We use already existing city infrastructure. WASTED QR codes are located on the standard recycling points, exactly where you should through away your separated waste.  

    What should I know before separating plastic?
    First of all, always put your plastic in a WASTED bag. It is important that plastic packaging is empty and as clean as possible – the most committed separators rinse the plastic before separating. Rinsing the plastic helps the guys at the recycling center to separate more efficiently.

    • Plastic with a small layer of aluminium, usually found on bags of chips or coffee packaging, should be thrown into the normal waste bin for the household waste. The metal layer cannot be separated from the plastics, which makes it impossible to recycle.
    • Yoghurt and dairy cups can go into the plastic bags. Don’t forget to take of the metal foil to put in the normal waste bin.
    • Note that plastics outside of plastic packaging should not be put in the PMD container. Examples: toys, garden chairs, etc. Small plastic things can go into the normal waste containers and large things can be recycled at the Afvalpunt.

    How much should one plastic bag weight to get a coin?
    1 bag of plastic approximately weighs 0.8 kg = 1coin

    What should I know before separating paper and carton?
    First, the paper that you separate should be dry and clean.

    • Important! Do not throw the WASTED bag inside the paper recycling bin.
    • Used tissues or pizza boxes with leftovers are not to be thrown in the paper containers.
    • Single staples, paper clips or envelopes with a plastic window can be thrown into the paper container. These will be removed during the recycling process. Please do remove the plastic foil that covers folders or magazines, any binders or plasticized covers.
    • Juice boxes should not be thrown in the paper containers, as they contain a plastic or aluminium layer. These can be thrown in the plastic containers.
    • Plasticized paper cannot be recycled and should be thrown in with the normal household waste. You can recognize plasticized paper because it does not tear very well.
    • Glossy magazines that are made of shiny paper can be thrown in the paper containers, although, please check whether the cover is not plasticized.
    • Books can also be separated with the other paper, but you can also take them to the secondhand store or give them to the library.
    • Remember to step on the cardboard boxes to make them flat before putting them inside the WASTED bag.

    How much should one paper bag weight to get a coin?
    1 bag of paper approximately weighs 1.3 kg = 1 coin

    What should I know before separating textile?
    Keep in mind that textiles, which you separate, could be damaged, but they should be clean (no oil- or paint stains) and dry.

    • After putting textiles in a WASTED bag, make sure that the bag is closed properly. It is important that the textiles remain dry and not become wet.
    • The worn out clothing can also be separated, even if the containers say that you should not throw it in. This has been discussed with the administrators of the containers.
    • There are more things you can throw into the bins than you would think. Stuffed animals, belts, shoes, hats and curtains are some of them.

    How much should one bag of textile weight to get a coin?
    1 bag of textile approximately weights 4,5 kg = 1 coin