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  • Become a Rewarder

    Together with many businesses, we are actively working on a collective action to support a firm recycling culture in the Netherlands.

    That’s why we are looking for allies: local businesses, festivals, cultural centers, sport centers, conscious brands - the new heroes - to become WASTED rewarders.
    WASTED Rewarders are very special online & offline businesses and cultural organizations.  What makes them so special? They provide discounts for every WASTED Coin delivered by our neighbors, and by doing that, they position their brand as frontrunners in the transformation toward environmental sustainability. 
    Have you ever wanted to do something to support a good cause?
    With WASTED you can do that and also direct more clients to your business.
    Rewarders of WASTED are at the heart of our project. They are conscious brands, local businesses, online stores and organizations that benefit in a variety of ways from providing discounts & benefits to people, who make the effort to change their waste disposal behavior. Our WASTED neighbors’ community is growing exponentially since we started with the pilot in Amsterdam Noord in 2015. So why wouldn’t you attract them to your business? Being increasingly joined by new neighbors and rewarders, WASTED has grown not only in numbers, but also in its areas of operation; we welcome everyone from Amsterdam Noord and beyond to take part as a rewarder.
    Why should you become a WASTED rewarder?
    It is a marketing tool for sustainable consumption, which means that as a WASTED Rewarder you get exposure, new clients, more clients and more business.
    It might be surprising, but many of our WASTED neighbors have become familiar with our rewarders only through our reward system. That means that your visibility grows and it is positive - sustainable. As WASTED neighbors are aware that they can spend their WASTED coins at the local WASTED businesses, they are more likely to come visit your business and purchase through our system.
    It is very easy to become a WASTED rewarder. All you need to do are these few steps:
    First, you should send a request to community@wastedlab.nl. WASTED team will respond to you in no-time with full answers to all the questions you have. You don’t need to do anything else - WASTED team will get you acquainted with the process. After consultations you will be able to set as many rewards & deals as you want. We will create your WASTED rewards profile, where the main information about you and your rewards will be depicted.
    As a WASTED rewarder you will receive a QR code, which we request you to put close to the cashier. In addition, you will get a WASTED poster - for more attention and instigation of a dialogue about your contribution to the creation of the value of waste separation. While WASTED keeps track of your profile, you will have nothing to worry about, but how to handle the new influx of new customers - the WASTED neighbors!
    Bear in mind, the reward system is very flexible. Being a WASTED rewarder you can always choose what you prefer the most from:
    -        Option 1: UNLIMITED REWARDS.
    This option gives you the possibility to set discounts on deals for a number of coins you want. For example, for 5 WASTED coins, you can give a 5% discount either on a purchase higher than x euro or a specific good or service you provide. This option makes your brand environmentally conscious and appealing to new-consumers.
    -        Option 2: SELECTED AMOUNT OF REWARDS - OP is OP.
    Having chosen this option you can decide the limit on the number of rewards you are offering to the WASTED neighbors. Remember, you don’t have to give the goods for free; the reward can be a discount on a specific good you want to promote. For example, if you are a cafe, you can set a discount on a coffee for 1 WASTED coin. This option you can apply to an x number of coffees and when they are finished you can set a new deal. With this option you promote a specific good, which increases your sales.
    There is also a possibility to set a time frame for being a rewarder. This is mostly chosen by rewarders that organize festivals or events that last for a certain amount of time. During this time you can promote sustainable consumption and attract more people to your business instantly.
    Having experience in the rewarding system, WASTED suggests every newcomer starts with a limited amount of rewards (OP IS OP). After you get acquainted with the system, you can change it to any other option you prefer.
    By the way, we are always open to new forms of making the reward system as user-friendly as possible. If the above mentioned options do not suit you and you have a better idea how to take part in the WASTED reward system, write an e-mail to community@wastedlab.nl - we will get back to you in no time.
    Do you want to become a WASTED rewarder? Don’t hesitate and contact us now.