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  • Educational program

    Plastic is a very valuable material with numerous features. We can use it for everything from shopping, to making furniture or even clothes.

    Unfortunately, most of us are still not aware of all the possible ways we are able to use and reuse plastic. This is why we propose you get WASTED with us and become a plastic expert. How? Let us introduce you to the WASTED Education Package. This is a three-part lesson plan that will teach you about Plastic Addiction, Plastic Archeology, and show you first-hand and hands-on how to reprocess locally recycled plastic waste. With the Education Package, you not only become a plastic expert, but are also a part of adding social, environmental and economic value to your community and the whole neighborhood.

    How to become a plastic expert

    WASTED wants to provide everyone with the possibility to become an active agent within the formation of environmentally conscious society and sustainable recycling culture. Believe it, plastic is the perfect point for departure. That’s why we have focused on reaching-out to all parts of the population from school kids to elderly communities in order to inform them about the role plastic plays in our daily life. In this way, participants of our educational program learn how, by becoming a plastic expert. Everyone can turn their knowledge into positive practice.

    Don’t be just a passive observer, engage and do good to your community

    Through two interactive lessons and a workshop, we ask you to examine your relationship with plastic, shedding light on both potential problems and innovative solutions regarding plastic and the environment. In the end, you come out a ‘plastic expert,’ empowered to actively turn your trash into community treasure.

    Discover Your Plastic Addiction

    Discover Your Plastic Addiction

    During the WASTED plastic workshop we wake you up by introducing all problems caused by plastic use, as well as all of the plastic available to us daily. Through the interactive presentation on the history and future of plastic, you will get to know the unbearable truth - plastic that was invented to save the global community, currently does more harm than help. However, WASTED won’t let you leave disappointed. For you to feel empowered and able to contribute to a real change, we will introduce not only local solutions to the main environmental problems caused by plastic, but also how you can be an intrinsic part of such change.

    We roll out an interactive four-part lecture focusing on:

    1. How the world is affected by plastic

    2. How plastic was intended to save the world

    3. How plastic still could (if we approach it correctly)

    4. A WASTED project teaser

    Plastic-o-holics Anonymous Meeting

    Plastic-o-holics Anonymous Meeting

    Surprise, surprise - we are all addicted to plastic. Do you still want to deny this? Take part in a Plastic-o-holics Anonymous meeting: an extremely confidential meeting to discover and treat your plastic addiction. Here you will meet your peers, share experiences and learn about the best treatments possible.

    Crash Course in Plastic Archeology

    Crash Course in Plastic Archeology

    In the Plastic Archeology Crash Course you will be able to explore and distinguish different types of plastic. After the crash course you will become a real plastic guru, able to separate, recognize and recycle as much plastic as possible. In this section we will engage in a separation learning experience, for which you will have to bring your separated plastic harvest and transform it into something new.

    Want to become a plastic expert? Book now!

    We welcome and strongly encourage individuals, groups, teams, schools – anyone – to join a WASTED Education Package.

    Send us an email to elisha@citiesfoundation.org and we will contact you to explain our deals in detail. We look forward to getting WASTED together.

    The Education Package is based on methods proven in Kemptonand Holland’s 2014 study of secondary school students and environmental issues Uncovering Students’ Environmental Identity