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  • About us

    WASTED starts as an autonomous project under CITIES Foundation, an Amsterdam-based organisation that puts its full energy into active research, community engagement and initiation of locally specific solutions for global urban problems. Through processes of co-creation, we empower the urban population to commence, drive innovation and integrate scalable initiatives to tackle global problems, such as environmental crisis. CITIES consists out of a motivated group of urban-addicts, who are committed to work on durable changes towards a sustainable and inclusive urban future and who have put their minds together to make this positive passion viral.

    In order to co-create a circular city ground-up, WASTED has awoken the local potential of communities to take part in suggesting the shape of such dynamic movement. By introducing a system that values the act of recycling, it has broken down the outdated habits, strengthened social relations at the neighbourhood level and consequently accelerated the shift toward a more environmentally conscious society. That's why, community activation and engagement is the underlying philosophy of CITIES.

    Along with a solid partnership with the Municipality of Amsterdam, CITIES Foundation promotes a profound recycling culture, while also engaging in educational activities. Why? Because we believe that collective change doesn't come without knowledge. This is why, since 2015 we are working with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment to pilot an education package, which transforms secondary school kids and adults into the plastic experts and the agents of change. We have been active in organising interactive educational workshops on plastic waste and the value of recycling. Having a multidisciplinary focus as well as multi-stakeholder engagement we have been addressing the needs from private to public, social to cognitive and civic sectors. This has helped us envision Amsterdam Noord as a best case scenario for a wider societal behavioural change within the future of our cities where everyone takes part in shaping.

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    Wasted Team

    Our WASTED team is primarily responsible for the project, managing operations, production, communication and evaluation. This team consists of these incredible urban minds:


    Elisha Weeber

    WASTED Education Manager

    Elisha is setting up collaborative processes with local designers and connecting them with the local community to initiate co-creation activities. She was the manager of the Lab and is now also providing workshops for secondary school children through a pilot supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.


    Geertje Hampe Nijland

    Community Manager

    Geertje is managing the active community of households separating with WASTED, and together with an intern, is tracking the progress and the impact of the initiative.


    Sietse Gronheid

    Project Manager

    Sietse keeps WASTED running. In addition to the day to day tasks, he focuses on the future. Together with our partners, Sietse reflects on the further developments in the field of strategy and implementation. He is also the contact person for the WASTED Rewarders.


    Francesca Miazzo

    Co-Founder and Director

    Francesca is the general director of the team of WASTED and CITIES Foundation. She supervises the team, together with CITIES Foundation Board, composed by Marlies Buurman, Evert Verhagen and Robert van der Laan, which meets twice a year to monitor the activities of the foundation. Accountability is under the supervision of DE Wolf Adminsitratie.