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    Free organic seeds of choice

    Vlindertuin Mot in Mokum

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    'Mot in Mokum'  is a butterfly garden specially for Dutch butterflies, here you'll learn everything about how to design your garden optimally for these beautiful creatures. You can also participate in a course, spent a night with the butterflies or organize an event amongst them. 

    Unfortunately the market is now full of seeds that ought to help butterflies and bees but are actually harmful because of toxic elements. Mot in Mokum designed their own seeds that are indigenous and organic! A bag of seeds provides around 6 m2 of organic plants and flowers. 

    With a WASTED coin you will receive a free bag of seeds. The garden is public so you can always drop by, want to be sure of collecting the seeds? Send an email to hallo@vlindertuinmotinmokum.nl. 

    About Vlindertuin Mot in Mokum


    Meteorenweg 280
    1035 RN amsterdam

    Type of business


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