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  • Reward

    Free tasting glass of beer

    Brouwerij Troost

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    In 2013 we built our first brewery in De Pijp of Amsterdam. By now we make award-winning beers, but also soft drinks and we create gin and jenever (Dutch gin) from our own beer. We make everything ourselves and as sustainable as possible at monumental beautiful places in the middle of the city. Totally not efficiënt of course, but only more fun!

    With 1 WASTED-coin you get one tasting glass of beer for free.

    The offer is only on Mondays and Tuesdays and will start on the 1st of April until the first 100 beers have been given away. After success, we might continue with the offer for a longer period of time. 

    Come to Troost and try out all 12 flavors, let's get WASTED!

    You can only buy 2 beers a person so that other members also have a chance to make use of this great offer.

    About Brouwerij Troost


    Cornelis Troostplein 21
    1072 JJ amsterdam

    Type of business


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