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    Free compost worms (€10,-) with a Balkonton


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    This reward is redeemable ONLINE

    Make compost out of your kitchen trash, also if you only have a balcony or a small urban garden!
    The Balkonton is a vertical garden with a diameter of 40 cm, with a worm-compost tube inside. Every two days you put your kitchen waste in the tube, after which the worms convert it into compost. If you have more waste you might be interested in a bigger worm box. The Balkonton has holes all around in which you can grow plants and herbs. It is less than to two tiles in square meter and it allows you to grow 15 to 16 plants (12 holes around an 3 to 4 on top).
    With 4 WASTED coins you get free compost worms worth €10,- for free! Download the discount code and go to the webshop to order your Balkonton including free worms! 

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    Moestuinlaan 16, 1036KD
    1036 KD amsterdam

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