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  • Reward

    Free relaxing introduction Reiki session

    Atlas Reiki

    COINS needed to claim this reward
    This reward is redeemable IN STORE

    Do you suffer stress, fear, sleaplessness or do you lack energy? Do you struggle to live normally, while you don't know what normal is anymore? 

    Drs. Nicola Romme (1970) - founder of Atlas Reiki - is specialized in guiding of people: who suffer panic or fear disorders; who have deeplying traumas; highly sensitive female entrepeneurs and people who after a life changing moment (giving birth, moving, divorced, death, unfulfilled child wish, accident etc.) are looking for meaning and quality of life. 

    With 4 WASTED-coins you receive a free relaxing Reiki introduction treatment. 

    Note: Every WASTED-Neighbor can use one reward at Atlas Reiki. Therefore choose between the free Reiki treatment or the training.

    About Atlas Reiki


    Tt Vasumweg 24a, 1 hoog
    1033 SC amsterdam

    Type of business

    Persoonlijke ontwikkeling

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