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    Free shipping when ordering a unique bag

    Fenix Circular

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    Hello, my name is ... backpack
    I didn't exist, until people started collecting damaged umbrella's to give me a chance in life. Otherwise I would've been wasted and incinerated. This would be bad for the environment. 

    Because of the help of Pluutje and the people who created me, I know exist. 

    I'm not perfect and I have some scars, but they are part of my story. That makes me special and unique. 
    In exchange for 1 WASTED-coin the shipping costs will be free of charge! Download the discount code and use it in the webshop of Fenix Circular to make use of this reward. 

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  • About Fenix Circular


    Distelweg 57
    1031 HC amsterdam

    Type of business


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