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  • Reward

    20% discount code on TOMS Footwear & Eyewear

    0. TOMS

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    TOMS is a lifestyle brand with giving at its core. Grounded in the One for One mission, every purchase has a purpose. Consumers are benefactors, philanthropists and activists that enable TOMS to help provide shoes, sight, water and more to people in need.

    With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One®

    Exchange 4 WASTED-coins for a discount code of 20% on a pair of shoes or eyewear in the TOMS webshop! 

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  • Not applicable on CORE-Footwear (https://www.shoptoms.nl/featured-shops/core-classics) and not applicable on products with a discount

    About 0. TOMS


    Runstraat 13
    1016 GJ amsterdam

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