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  • Reward System

    Have you ever realized how much waste you collect every day? Need a little extra incentive to start recycling it? Subscribe to WASTED.


    WASTED rewards’ system is a powerful incentive for waste separation created by and for people. This system turns your plastic, paper and textile waste into discounts & benefits at local WASTED rewarders. The system is a community-focused, plastic-, paper-, textile-valued exchange scheme between WASTED Rewarders and Neighbours, where your waste becomes a local currency with a real value. It might sound surreal, but it is actually very straightforward:

    For every bag of waste you separate, you receive a digital discount, which could be exchanged to discounts & benefits.

    To take part in our system is easy. People, who decide to separate their plastic, paper and textile, need to do only one thing extra - scan a QR code at the standard waste collection container and snap a picture of a full waste bag before throwing it away. After WASTED team validated that the picture you uploaded depicts the good job you did in properly separating, you receive a digital coin that can be exchanged to various discounts & benefits at a number of locations and webshops. The list of rewards and discounts are always updated in the reward section, so don’t forget to check them out regularly.