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    Hand in small bulky waste and earn rewards in your area!

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    From the end of March 2019 you can bring your small bulky waste to the local recycle point and earn discounts!

    You should have received a poster from the municipality in your mailbox about this amazing opportunity.


    CLICK HERE to subscribe.

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    What is small bulky waste?

    • E-waste (small electronic devices)
    • Wood
    • Metals
    • Hard plastic 
    • Frying oil & Fat


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    Where should you bring it?

    Bring your small bulky waste to the local recycle point to get WASTED! Check the locations and opening hours below.

    Recycling Locations

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    How to earn coins?

    If you have a smartphone: Scan the QR sticker and upload a picture

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    If you DON’T have a smartphone: get your WASTED-card and let the employees help you out

    Coin Wide

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    Where can I get rewards?

    At more than 15 local shops. Scan the QR code or scan your card at the shop to get access to amazing discounts.